The Path of Least Resistance

I think we all wish to walk the path of least resistance. To have things go exactly as we wish they would. But if we let go, if we breathe in the moment, a calm washes over you and suddenly everything that once felt terrifying, everything you once tried so very hard to resist, it feels perfect. Because you have a knowing that what you are experiencing is exactly what you need to be experiencing right now in order to live your greatest life and to help others live theirs. It’s about abandoning the stories you have written for yourself in order to feel like you have complete control over your life, leaving no room for error or heart ache. The truth of the matter is that we only have control over a select few things and all that time you spend planning out how things must go in order for you to be happy is actually fear controlling you.

A remarkable thing happens when you align yourself with the universe. You never actually fall. In reality you’re diving into your light and every seemingly bad thing you encounter along the way is perfection incarnate. But it is at the seam of these moments when we are trying to stitch together meaning in our lives that we are offered the opportunity to have the greatest amount of control we will ever have. That is the choice to choose forgiveness and compassion over fear and hate. This is all it takes to align ourselves with the universe. And not only are we once more on the path towards our enlightened selves, we realize we never left.

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